Grid Sets


Feeding Hoses all sizes




Couplings & Bearings all sizes


Valve bodies - repairs, manufacture, maintenance, etc.




Collar Rings


Plate Pack Coner Seals


Full sets Plate Pack Seals


Nozzles for Feeding Pipes


Sleeves in all sizes


Suspension Links in all sizes


Turn Buckles & Chain Tensioners


Vat Collector Seals


Vat Collector Blocks


PVE Valves


Valves in all shapes and sizes


Stainless Steel Hand Valves


Repair & Manufacture all size frames


Repair & Manufacture all size plates


Plates & Frames


Stainless Steel Flanged Sleeve




Guide Blocks


LPP Pumps Repairs & Refurbisment


All Cloth sizes


All Cloth Repairs Seams & Patch


Quick Acting Cylinders Repairs & Maintenance


3 Way- Ball Valves Repairs


Any Spares Available


Second-hand Filters Available


All kinds of Plant Repairs


Plant Maintenance


All Rollers new & Repairs


Manufacture & Fabricate new pins on plates


Manufacture & Fabricate new corners on plates


Manufacture & Fabricate new guide block pin


Manufacture & Fabricate new port feed holes